Sandals Ordering Process – Transformed


The Briefing

Sandals Resorts International is known for their 16 luxurious, all-inclusive, beach resorts in the Caribbean, from the Bahamas, to Jamaica. Sandals unparalleled service, unique excursion options and luxurious dining experiences has named them the World’s Leading All-Inclusive resort for the past 21 years.

In efforts to plan a vacation to one of the Sandals resorts, guests often book their vacation through a travel agent. Sandals promotes to travel agencies so that the agencies can further promote the resort to their customers. Once Sandals has built a partnership with a travel agency, they provide the agency access to order promotional items through Thumbprint, such as wall decals, window vinyls, banners and displays, branded promotional items, and printed materials.

The Problem

For many years, the ordering process for the mentioned wall decals and window vinyls between Sandals and Thumbprint was lengthy and inefficient. It went a little bit like this:


Confusing, right? Working through this slow, multi-step process to complete one single order was becoming stressful, considering that it took 6-8 weeks to accomplish. With the amount of back and forth between each channel, it was hindering the amount of orders that could be processed. We needed to set up a new standard procedure that would make ordering easier for everyone involved


The Solution

With access to some of the greatest technology and tools, it was obvious that there was a better way to do this. We found that an online ordering system would be most beneficial for Sandals – a platform for travel agents to access anytime, anywhere, and order their materials with ease. So, we built and implemented a virtual storefront around this particular case. Now, with their own personal credentials, travel agents have the capability of logging in, selecting their desired window cling or wall vinyl, along with the image and measurements they want. With the click of a button, the order is automatically transmitted to Sandals. With the new software, quoting is automatic, meaning Sandals does not have to relay the information back to us at Thumbprint. Lastly, when Sandals approves of the purchase order, we are able to produce the items and ship them directly to any travel agencies in North America and Latin America.

The Results

After transferring over to the new software and ordering process, we have been able to process, print and ship orders in just 2 weeks, cutting down the time by almost 70%. We have since built a better relationship with Sandals and their travel agents as we are able to be more efficient across all channels.

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