Astreea is the next essential
branded experience.


A transatlantic collaboration early on in the pandemic led to the development of the most innovative hand sanitizing system in the world.

In a time of great concern for personal safety, Astreea is helping brands show their customers and employees they care.

MARCH 15, 2020

Thumbprint received the first call for PPE help. Our customers needed hand sanitizer, and lots of it.

Brand Logistics became PPE Logistics overnight.

We built partnerships with trusted PPE suppliers and sourced quality products.

Items were made available to order on our clients’ company stores.

Orders were seamlessly delivered exactly where needed.

May 15, 2020

Thumbprint partners with European aerospace manufacturer, ARSAT, to become the exclusive North American distributor of Astreea.

Astreea is the most thoughtfully engineered and professional
hand sanitizer dispenser on the market.

Two innovators on similar PPE journeys join forces.

We recognized hand sanitizing would forever be a part of our daily lives.

We didn’t want a makeshift dispenser solution and neither did our clients. It had to be built to last.

Our mission was to create a better sanitizing experience.

Because dispensers are on full display at the front door, they can potentially make or break a brand.

January 1, 2021

Thumbprint introduces innovations that make hand sanitizing a positive experience for both customers and businesses.

Hand sanitizing, evolved.

Welcome Astreea+ and Astreea Smart!

We applied our technology and process DNA to solve common challenges related to hand sanitizing programs.

Sanitizer as a Service

  • No capital investment
  • Local subscription management
  • Significant refill savings

The Intelligent Sanitizer System

  • Wirelessly connected
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intuitive dashboard

Let the results speak for themselves.

Astreea has helped countless businesses and organizations
protect their customers, employees, and brands.


Astreea dispensers produced and shipped to North America.


Liters of Astreea Safe hand sanitizer shipped.


Brands positively impacted.

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about Astreea.

With a variety of technology, subscription, and branding options, we have the right solution for your needs.

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We wanted to provide our clients with an advanced hand sanitizer solution, so they in turn could offer a better experience to their customers and employees.

Greg Gill

Thumbprint Founder and CEO

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