Charcuterie for 6

September 13, 2022
Charcuterie for 6

Exclusive new offering.

Local artisanal cheeses and cured meats paired with gourmet spreads and jams. Your charcuterie arrives fresh in insulated packaging. Grab our holiday offering (perfect size for 6 sophisticated people), or let us help you create your own custom charcuterie set.

Add your own custom insert card or brand the outside of the packaging!

Holiday Charcuterie Set includes:
•         Boursin Spread Garlic & Herb, 5.2 oz.
•         Ashe County Cheese Carolina Bleu, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Cheese Garlic Parsley, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Mountain Sharp Cheddar, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Gouda Wedge, 8 oz.
•         Bruschetta Olives, 8.1 oz.
•         Fig Spread, 9 oz.
•         Sopressata Sweet Chub Salami, 6 oz.
•         Sopressata Hot Salami, 6 oz.

(includes domestic shipping)


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