We are changing the way you experience
the apparel, print and promo industry.

Meet the Guardians of the Brand at thumbprint. We are very different in how we provide apparel, print and promo for our clients. We invest into our team so that we can deliver our partners advanced technology, creativity and logistics support. Don't get caught in yesterday's marketing, purchasing or operational issues. Our team is ready to work with yours and identify ways we can be the asprin to your current headaches. Your time is valuable, so use it on the projects that have the most impact in your business. Leave the rest of the details to us.

Activate your marketing campaigns with a partner
built for big companies with little details.


We are not from the future, but we do have some pretty awesome software to source products, manage brand assets and integrate with ERP systems.


Extend the life of your apparel by ordering products people enjoy. We have a license to decorate many name brands and can help you outfit your employees with what is in style.


Our owner founded the company with a single printing press. We now do business for our clients with printers all over the world.


You really don't have to order the same junk like everyone else. Customize and personalize in 2019!

Storage & Logistics

Save money by ordering your annual quantities of products. We will inventory, store and distribute it for you. That was easy!


We have talented designers that can collaborate with any marketing department or agency. Let's brainstorm!

Create experiences people can relate to.

Good brands stay true to their colors, fonts and style. Great brands elicit emotions and feelings through their products and services. Remind your business's stakeholders of the why, how and what you do every day. For example, we could give you a nice phone charger with our logo or we could give you a helpful tech tool that tells a story about how we are the Guardians of the Brand. Which do you give?

Try Our Demo
Customize and check-out with a fun sample of your choosing.

Scale your brand experience.

Technology helps us do a whole lot more with less. Work with our team to set up a platform to deliver measurable results.


Approved templates and our team guard the integrity of your look and feel.


Reduce repetitive graphic design hours, set budget caps and use annual numbers to save money.


take advantage of LIVE access to order data or integrations with your SSO and/or ERP


Your team will have 24/7 access to place orders online from any device with 4G or WiFi.

Brian Gill

Brand Guy

Brian protects brands through using advanced technology. He prides himself on building great relationships and knowing what products are in trend. He has a team that helps him pull off the most impossible of jobs. Brian has a background in creating online portals and has been protecting brands for more than eighteen years. Brian is the leader of The Guardians of the Brand.

Katrina Culberson


Katrina is new to The Guardians of the Brand. Don’t let that fool you, as she has hit the ground working alongside many of thumbprint’s clients. Katrina is great with people, extremely organized and can multi-task with the best of them. She has an experienced background in digital marketing, trade show activations and account management. Katrina and Brian form a dynamic team to deliver a great client experience.

Bryan Stevens

B - 2.0

Bryan is new to The Guardians of the Brand. He joins the team as a very successful brand advocate from another industry. Bryan has a very positive attitude and fun personality. B-2.0 has been compared to being a bigger, faster and stronger Brian Gill. This has created a bit of a friendly rivalry between the two. He currently is focused on serving the medical, dental, hi-tech, staffing and real estate industries.

Miguel Fraga

The Brand Activator

Miguel joined The Guardians of the Brand two years ago. He has a gift for telling stories, while creatively promoting the products and services he reps. Miguel is an experienced and dedicated account manager, managing portfolios in the hospitality, education and wine/liquor industry. He has a communications background and is fluent in Spanish. Our “Brand Activator” enjoys assisting companies implementing new marketing development strategies, launching new locations, while building and strengthening customer partnerships.

Ben Husebo


BEEF joined The Guardians of the Brand three years ago. Ben specializes in working with hospitals, senior living properties, financial services and non-profits. Ben has past experience working with brand marketing and sales. With that said, Beef is known for his incredible dedication to protecting the client experience for any job done for his clients’ brands.