Mailers don’t have to be boring – Shawnee Mission Health, Overland Park


The Briefing

Shawnee Mission Health (SMH) serves Kansas City with some of the best and most advanced medical care in the metro area. The non-profit hospital is home to many of the finest doctors in the area. With the announcement of a third campus in Overland Park, SMH wanted to spread the word to a lot of people. When we brainstormed the activation ideas, we found the most fitting marketing channel to be a 5-star unique and impressionable direct mail gift.

The Why

Here at thumbprint, we want you to know: Mailers don’t have to be boring.  We pride ourselves on helping brands improve their experience, especially when it comes to client touch points. We thrive on creating awareness through memorable, and more importantly, physical deliverables. This is why we quickly jumped on an exciting opportunity with our much-loved client, Shawnee Mission Health. 

The Execution

You’re probably wondering “How did SMH and thumbprint execute such a big project?” With all hands on deck, of course. It’s all about logistics – from planning, ordering, and activating. Not only did we print and mail 25,000 brochures to all individuals within a 5-mile hospital radius, but we also prepared 2,000 custom gift boxes for SMH – Overland Park’s closest neighbors (individuals within a 2-mile radius).

The Boxes

We knew we wanted this item to stand out amongst all the other dull mail that generally goes from our mailbox…to our trash can. Take one look at this box and your curiosity is sparked – “Who sent me this? What’s inside?” …Aka “the goal.” You don’t even need to open the box to receive the main message. If the recipients weren’t already aware of SMH opening a third campus, now they knew were (and wouldn’t forget it).

We maximized our Shawnee branding real estate by printing on all six sides of the box. The first set of 2,000 boxes that shipped out had “Opening Soon!” and “Hi Neighbor!” (emphasizing proximity) messages with a high quality H2GO® tumbler bottle inside. On one side of the tumbler, we strategically placed a dialed-in map of the Overland Park location with a pin dropped on the emergency department.

This quickly illustrated to our audience the who, and the where.

The second set of 2,000 boxes were shipped to the same recipients a few months later, but this time with a “Now Open!” message and a new gift – a RuMe fabric tote bag.
Keep in mind: People. Love. Gifts. Now we had made a real stamp on the community, creating a huge amount of buzz within our potential patients.  

The Result

The most direct result of the mailer execution was the amount of awareness circulating throughout Overland Park and surrounding areas. We were able to creatively and effectively create a buzz in the KC metro about something so important to all communities – access to quality healthcare. The execution for Shawnee Mission Health was turnkey, so that they could stay focused on the new location. Most importantly, we helped our client come up with a solution to boring mailers, and delivered an exciting and memorable piece that made a lasting impression.

 “For Shawnee Mission Health, thumbprint is an extension of our team. To accomplish a project of this magnitude, it was essential that we had a vendor partner who could handle all aspects of the mailing. With thumbprint managing everything from product and box production through shipping, we were able to focus locally on other efforts to grow the new campus. The custom box accomplished our goal of brand consistency and messaging to the recipient, even before the box was actually opened. Brian and his team are always creatively and collaboratively solving problems with us. I’m grateful for this partnership that truly makes our brand more effective.”

Nan Bacon
Manager of Consumer Experience
Shawnee Mission Health

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