Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

Food memories are the best memories because they involve all five senses. 

This category is a recipe for new stories and lasting impressions. So whether it’s snacks & a movie or artisan charcuterie with a handmade cheese board, we’ve got something for every foodie.

Choose the experience that suits your taste, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Legacy Steak Sampler

Exclusive new offering.

Experience a taste like no other.

Legacy® beef comes from the best of the best Angus stock cattle raised humanely by family ranchers in Demkota County, Indiana. This powerhouse sampler box includes the best cuts of steak: Tenderloin, Ribeye, and Striploin. Each finely marbled steak is expertly cut by hand, flash-frozen, and shipped safely in cooler packs. Includes:

  • 2— 10 oz Legacy Ribeye Steaks
  • 2— 10 oz Legacy Strip Steaks
  • 2— 5 oz Legacy Tenderloins


From $89.95

(includes domestic shipping)

Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

Savor the taste of this Pellas Nature Oil gift set, made using top-quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh organic herbs.

Grown, pressed, and packaged on a single farm in the Pellas region of Greece, each olive oil variety is infused with herbs grown right on the property.

This creates a beautiful flavor combination that is perfect for any foodie or household. The light-proof bottles ensure perfect quality control and storage.

From $29.00

Charcuterie for 6

Exclusive new offering.

Local artisanal cheeses and cured meats paired with gourmet spreads and jams. Your charcuterie arrives fresh in insulated packaging. Grab our holiday offering (perfect size for 6 sophisticated people), or let us help you create your own custom charcuterie set.

Add your own custom insert card or brand the outside of the packaging!

Holiday Charcuterie Set includes:
•         Boursin Spread Garlic & Herb, 5.2 oz.
•         Ashe County Cheese Carolina Bleu, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Cheese Garlic Parsley, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Mountain Sharp Cheddar, 8 oz.
•         Ashe County Gouda Wedge, 8 oz.
•         Bruschetta Olives, 8.1 oz.
•         Fig Spread, 9 oz.
•         Sopressata Sweet Chub Salami, 6 oz.
•         Sopressata Hot Salami, 6 oz.

(includes domestic shipping)

Goodies for Good + Rume

This delicious gift set comes with a selection of goodies made by women-owned businesses; all tucked inside a RuMe® Recycled Pouch. 

Includes Effie’s oatcakes, salted caramel almond pearl cookies, 88 Acres nut-free dark chocolate sea salt bar, Sweet and Tangy mustard & dipping pretzels, and brownie cookies.

Pouch available in Black or Burlap Pattern.

From $22.00

A Taste of Italy 

Looking for a delicious way to say “Grazie?” With authentic Italian ingredients and a beautiful eco-friendly bamboo cutting board, this gift will be remembered long after the last bite is gone.

Perfect for serving 10-15 people.  

Includes Penne Pasta, Tomato Basil Sauce, Italian Antipasto, Olive Bruschetta, and Sesame Breadsticks.

From $88.50

Medium Acacia Cheeseboard

Add some rustic charm to your next gathering with this handmade Acacia Cheese Board.

This beautiful board is made from sustainable Acacia hardwood and is eco-friendly thanks to the recycled bioproducts used in the epoxy it’s dipped in.

Perfect for serving a group of 2-4 people, this cheeseboard makes an excellent gift for employee or client recognition. Comes in multiple different marble effect colors. 

From $115

Pass the Remote Snack & Stream

The perfect companion to any binge-watching session. This box has everything you need to indulge in your favorite shows. The blue light glasses complete the experience. Add a Paramount+ or Apple gift card for an added experiential touch!

Sweet and savory snacks include honey sriracha couch mix, citrus glazed pecans, sour cream & onion crisps, and Seed & Salt sunflower seeds.

Choose from 2 different seasonal boxes with matching note cards.

From $70

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