Our Story

We are a marketing, creative, print, promo, apparel, technology, distribution, logistical, experiential company.

In essence, we are what you need us to be.

We identify the challenges you face, some may be unbeknownst to you, and recommend a better, faster, more holistic solution. Our approach is different yet yields results.

127 Company
Stores Built
45k+ Active
$437k+ Average Annual
Savings by Clients

Thumbprint Ethos

01We are nimble and pivot to the market and our clients’ needs.

02We are early adopters of technology.

03We look different now than we did 25 years ago.

04We will continue to look different over the next 25.

05We reference our past successes only as inspiration while creating custom solutions.

06We are not confined by products, equipment, software, or processes.

07We hire the best people and let them kick ass.

08We partner with like-minded suppliers that are creative and push ideas, not products or equipment.

09We believe that cost matters more than price.

10We select our clients based on their values.

11We believe success is delivering experiences.

12We believe fun is delivering results.

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Meet the Team


Greg Gill
Greg Gill Chief Executive Officer
Tod Ellington
Tod Ellington Chief Operations Officer
Brian Gill
Brian Gill Chief Experience Officer
Tiffany Aagaard
Tiffany Aagaard Chief Financial Officer
Jamie Fredrickson
Jamie Fredrickson Operations Director
Jason Liburdi
Jason Liburdi Senior Marketing Director
Ashley Armstrong
Ashley Armstrong Client Engagement Director
Brandon Holloway
Brandon Holloway Logistics Manager

Client Experience and Engagement

Austin Martin
Austin Martin Client Experience Director
Bryan Stevens
Bryan Stevens Client Experience Director
Ivonne Flores
Ivonne Flores Client Engagement Manager
Leah Lincoln
Leah Lincoln Client Engagement Manager
Terra Saunders
Terra Saunders Client Engagement Manager
Arielle Warner
Arielle Warner Client Engagement Specialist
Karie Sarita
Karie Sarita Client Engagement Specialist


Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers Web Experience Manager
Will Hawkins
Will Hawkins Web Experience Specialist
Michely Prieto
Michely Prieto User Experience Specialist
Jason Coblentz
Jason Coblentz Graphic Design


Jeff Mowery
Jeff Mowery Logistics Specialist
Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler Logistics Specialist
Michael Martocci
Michael Martocci Logistics Specialist


Carlisa Crews
Carlisa Crews Accounting Specialist

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