“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

- Albert Einstein


May The Fourth Be With You!

In a galaxy not so far away, we embarked on an epic Star Wars Day campaign that combined the beloved franchise with the timeless appeal of Legos. Our mission? To showcase how Thumbprint assembles all the pieces of a Brand Experience – just like Lego bricks coming together to create something beautiful. We meticulously crafted custom artwork, t-shirts, notebook and mailer designs as well as a custom notecard with a QR code linking to an immersive AR game. The result? A successful campaign that demonstrated our innovative approach to branding and marketing while engaging clients, employees, and friends alike. Want to create an unforgettable experience like this? Let's join forces and make it happen.

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Florida Friends

Though Thumbprint has grown over our 29 years to serve clients worldwide, our heart remains in Central Florida, where it all began. We created Florida Friends to celebrate the beauty of our home state. As a creative merchandising agency, we wanted to marry cool products with our native Florida Friends. We created a full-fledged Shopify store, offering a seamless and immersive shopping experience alongside with a full digital campaign. Through Florida Friends, we're not just sharing products; we're sharing a piece of our history, inviting you from your backyard to ours.

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Experiential Baseball Gift

For an exclusive gift, we partnered with Pillbox and Woodchuck, blending their artistry with our branding. Inside each custom wooden box is a bat sanded to perfection and branded with the Thumbprint logo and designs.

Working with these talented craftsmen was a dream - not only did we make something unique, but we had the opportunity to support incredible artisans right here in the USA. These guys pour their passion into every detail & hit it out of the park!

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Vibe Campaign

The "Vibe" campaign centered on the impactful belief that you make a difference. Regardless of your role—People, Marketing, Operations, or Supply Chain—your daily contributions matter to both customers and teammates. We designed this collection and campaign to celebrate the individual and provide a unique way to express your vibe and showcase your brand without needing your logo to be front and center! Each purchase also made a difference for those in need, with 50% of proceeds directly benefiting charity. Together, we celebrated each other and made a positive impact!

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2024 PPAI Pyramid Winner - Silver


Mario Day

In the fast-paced business landscape, it’s important to take a moment, tap into our playful side, and leverage the magic of fun. To commemorate Mario Day (Mar.10) we created a memorable experience, complete with custom cards, themed pens, a playful shipping box, T-shirt, and Mario-themed socks. The crown jewel of our campaign? A 2-minute animated video featuring every team member as a character racing through iconic Mario courses. And what's a Mario Day celebration without a team event night at Andretti's? Clients raved about the personalized touch, posted their swag on social media, and sent messages of appreciation. Proving that a dash of playfulness and creativity around a shared passion and interest can leave a lasting impact on employees & clients.

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Meraki Blanket

Our "Share the Love" campaign aimed to show that branded gifts can do more than just advertise. We started with a curated Idea Book featuring products from third-world countries, women and minority-owned businesses, as well as eco-friendly items. But we didn't stop there. Collaborating with Meraki Movement, we sourced cozy alpaca blankets handcrafted by an Ecuadorian family, highlighting traditional techniques passed down for generations. Shipped in custom-designed boxes with a fun llama motif and an insert sharing the artisans' story, each blanket became part of a compelling narrative. Offering gifts that give back allows brands to resonate with their target audiences while positively impacting communities and sharing powerful human stories. A huge thank you to the alpacas and Meraki Movement for joining us on this journey!

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Operation Left Hook

2020 threw some fast uppercuts at us with hybrid work, Zoom fatigue, and email overload, making it tough to engage everyone, everywhere. So, as a year-end client gift, we sent out custom boxing gloves and journals to “knock out the challenges” of 2020. Plus, we launched a Knockout AR game to show that with Thumbprint in your corner, you can deliver knockout engagement to clients and team members, no matter where they're located. Game on!

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2022 PPAI Pyramid Winner


2021-22 Holiday Campaigns

Spreading holiday cheer to our clients is a top priority, so each year we craft a festive holiday catalog filled with ideas for employee and client gifting. From eco-friendly and sustainable items to the latest trends, we filled all those stockings! You began by creating your wishlist (and, of course, checking it twice). Don’t risk a holiday meltdown. All is calm and all is bright when you let us handle your gift-giving logistics.


Thumbprint Strikes Gold at the 2023 PPAI Awards

We’re thrilled to announce we won the 2023 PPAI Gold Pyramid Award for Marketing Programs in the self-promotion category with our Share the Love campaign!

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