Case Study: Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Atria Senior Living


Atria Senior Living, with over 800 locations spanning four different brands, faced the challenge of managing brand-specific information for their different service levels, including Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living. Atria required a unified repository to effectively manage the granular data related to each brand and service level, as well as to streamline the process of creating custom collateral for each instance.


Atria’s unique structure with multiple brands and service levels created a high level of complexity in data management. There was no central point of truth, which made the process of producing specific collateral for each community leader cumbersome and time-consuming. The challenge was further compounded by variations in regulatory systems across states, which required constant updates and modifications to the collateral.


Our team already had an established relationship with Atria, having worked on various tech solutions and integrations. To meet the new challenge, we built a custom web application powered by a robust database. This application served two key functions:

  1. Centralized Data Management: The marketing team could log in to the application and update information within the database. This included new regulatory systems, new images, and brand-specific information. With the inclusion of an intuitive, custom User Interface (UI), Atria had direct access to manage their data effectively.
  2. Real-Time Collateral Update: The data from the web application was linked to Atria’s storefront. This meant that the collateral was updated in real-time as the application was updated. This dramatically improved the efficiency of producing specific collateral for community leaders.


By implementing this solution, Atria was able to significantly speed up their collateral creation process and save time and resources. An operational efficiency number can be determined by calculating the average cost per hour to manually create each template versus the cost using the web application. With the new system, Atria was able to make significant cost savings while improving the quality and accuracy of their collateral.

This project showcased our ability to understand complex organizational structures and deliver tailor-made solutions that increase operational efficiency. By creating a centralized data management system and a real-time collateral update mechanism, Atria can now effectively manage their multiple brands and service levels, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Our solution also set the foundation for further technological advancements, reinforcing Atria’s commitment to leveraging technology for operational excellence.