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  • ClientSandals
  • Project Type Print, Fulfillment, Creative
  • WhenSummer 2018

The Challenge

Ordering process was antiquated and time consuming.
Sandals provides custom Window Vinyl Appliques to their travel agents to promote their brand. The process was incredibly manual, utilizing a handwritten form being scanned and emailed back and forth. Because each product is custom, a customized sales order was required by Sandals for each instance. The overall process took 14-16 weeks to deliver the products.
Client is concerned that not all employees are technologically savvy to be able to navigate an ecommerce site and be able to apply a coupon code.


Weeks to process the PDF Order Form

The Solution

Create an online process to eliminate paper forms and automate the approval and purchase order process.
Create a custom, automated process that allowed travel agents to place their orders online. A custom sales order was created in real-time and notification was sent to Sandals for approval. Upon the electronic approval, the order was sent to production. The full process now takes 2 weeks to deliver the product, reducing the turnaround time by 85%.


Consult with Sandals to understand the different tiers of Travel Agents and the benefits they receive at each tier, while identifying the steps that can be automated, combined, or eliminated. Thumbprint also designed a workflow to ensure Sandals still receives a detailed Sales Order, approves the request and issues a Purchase Order before production begins.



Travel Agent logs into their account with unique credentials and places an order; the site can calculate in Imperial and Metric values for US and International Travel Agents; A sales order is generated and sent via email to the appropriate North American or Latin American approving representative; Sandals Approving Rep verifies the eligibility and issues a PO. The PO# number is entered in a custom field (reportable) and order is approved.

Thumbprint receives the order and production begins.



After production, wall vinyls and window scrims are sent to the Travel Agent at the Ship To entered online. Sandals is invoiced for the product.



After implementing the software and ordering solution, Thumbprint has been able to process, print and ship orders in just 2 weeks, cutting down the time by almost 85%

The Results

Increased efficiency for travel agents, reducing the lead time from order to delivery by 85%.

Corporate has a more streamlined and automated process to manage this important marketing initiative, while creating a better experience for one of their most important marketing resources.

Order visibility allows travel agents to anticipate the arrival of their wall and window graphics and plan for timely installation.

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