Thumbprint Strikes Gold at the 2023 PPAI Awards

Anna Klawitter January 18, 2023
Thumbprint Strikes Gold at the 2023 PPAI Awards

Watch one of the founders of Meraki Movement tell the whole story here.

It’s official: We struck gold!  

We’re thrilled to announce we won the 2023 PPAI Gold Pyramid Award for Marketing Programs in the self-promotion category with our Share the Love campaign!

If you’re thinking, “Huh, PPAI Awards?” Let us explain: think of it as the promotional industry’s Oscars (with a lot less drama) – a chance to celebrate the very best in creativity, service, quality, craftsmanship, and supplier-distributor partnerships.   

Now about the campaign. 😉

The idea behind our “Share the Love” campaign was to demonstrate that branded gifts and products can (and should) accomplish more than just advertising. Sure, visibility is important, but gifts that give back; go further than that to create connections, spark conversations, and write stories that truly engage and inspire. 


So, we set out to find the best products that are made with love and give back. We curated an Idea Book surrounding the theme, featuring items from third-world countries, women and minority-owned businesses, and domestic at-risk groups. We also included sustainable items and products that give back to the environment.   

The Idea Book was a hit, but we couldn’t (and didn’t) stop there. We teamed up with our friends at Meraki Movement to take things a step further and showcase the power of “promo with purpose” through gorgeous, custom alpaca blankets.

The blankets are crafted by an Ecuadorian family and their friends using wool from small Peruvian farms. The team at Meraki discovered this family of artisans at the famous Otavalo market and has been importing blankets, scarves, and other fine goods from them ever since. Everything is made the old-fashioned way (by hand) with traditional techniques passed down for generations.  Meraki Movement - Thumbprint

At our warehouse, each blanket was then packaged and shipped in a custom-designed box featuring a fun llama motif. We included a printed insert explaining the story behind the blanket. A QR code directed recipients to a video where they could see the makers in action, highlighting the craftsmanship this family puts into their products. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot of love.)


Watch the full video 👇

 Nothing is more engaging than a touching story. Offering gifts that give back is a powerful way for brands to accomplish this while positively impacting disadvantaged communities and telling a powerful human story.

We’d like to thank the alpacas and Meraki Movement for partnering with us on this project. Check them out! 

Ready to create something that resonates and unlocks the power of gifts that give? Reach out, and let’s deliver an experience that hits the mark!


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