23 Years in the Making: Brian Gill Steps in as Thumbprint’s New President

Anna Klawitter August 30, 2023
23 Years in the Making: Brian Gill Steps in as Thumbprint’s New President

”I always joke that I was born on a pallet in the warehouse at Thumbprint.” – Brian Gill

Brian, who has been an integral part of Thumbprint’s growth and success dating back to 2001, is stepping into a new role as President.

“Taking the reins of something my father set in motion 29 years ago is the ultimate privilege. When I say business is personal, I mean it.” Brian said. “With our rockstar team by my side, we’re ready to push boundaries. Thumbprint will continue to live at the intersection of automation and innovation and consistently deliver the services, products, and technology that our clients need and want.

Greg Gill, founder and CEO, will continue in his role, providing guidance and vision for the company’s future. While the rumor of Brian being born on the pallet in the warehouse may not be true, he’s been with Thumbprint for 23 years and working with his dad, Greg, for just as long.

”Brian is the bridge that connects our roots with our promising future.” said Greg Gill. “With 23 years at Thumbprint, he not only carries the legacy but also infuses it with fresh perspectives. His vision is clear, and his commitment to our core values is unwavering. We trust him to lead and innovate, ensuring that Thumbprint is always who our clients need us to be.”

The executive team, along with Brian and Greg, will work closely to continue implementing strategic enhancements for the benefit of their clients and partners.

Thumbprint’s Ongoing Commitment

Despite challenges faced by the industry, including the global pandemic, Thumbprint has remained steadfast in its commitment to clients.

“In true Thumbprint fashion, we’re forging ahead with innovation, all the while upholding our commitment to best-in-class service and the people who make it happen.”

Brian’s immediate plans include meeting with Thumbprint employees across all locations and personally engaging with key clients and partners to understand how the company can further add value.

About Brian

Brian’s strategic vision and creative mind have been instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

”There are too many individuals to name who have motivated and inspired me over the years, preparing me for this new chapter. My passion has always been people, and I’m humbled to lead such a talented group of individuals through this exciting time of hypergrowth.” Brian said.

With this leadership change, Thumbprint is poised for a new chapter of growth and success, maintaining its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


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