Life at Thumbprint

April 1, 2021

Thumbprint launches exclusive new sneaker: introducing “Footprint.”

Thumbprint announced today that it is launching a new line of athletic shoes, starting with the “Footprint.”
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March 30, 2021

Meet Ivonne Corporan

Ivonne Corporan brings her passion and can-do attitude to the Thumbprint Client Engagement Team. Learn more about Ivonne's role, her hobbies when she's off the clock, and more below!
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February 9, 2021

Meet Tiffany Aagaard

Keeping our Thumbprint office in check is none other than our Chief Financial Officer, Tiffany Aagaard. Find out more about Tiffany's role, what she's up to when she's off the clock, and more below!
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December 10, 2020

Meet Brandon Holloway

As Thumbprint's Logistics Manager, Brandon supervises the movement, distribution, and storage of all supplies and materials at Thumbprint. Find out more about Brandon's role, his hobbies when he's off the clock, and more below!
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November 16, 2020

Meet Morgan Lathaen

As Thumbprint’s Marketing Specialist, Morgan produces the bulk of Thumbprint’s online content, including monthly spotlights on our team members. This month, we decided to turn the table and interview her. Time to learn what Thu
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