Star Wars Day Campaign: Striking Back Against Boring Branding

Anna Klawitter May 15, 2024
Star Wars Day Campaign: Striking Back Against Boring Branding

In a galaxy not so far away, we embarked on an epic campaign to celebrate Star Wars Day (May 4th) with a brand experience that aimed to strike back against the Empire of Boring Branding.

The mission was clear: to rally audiences and showcase how our services could help our clients create a cohesive and powerful brand identity. All while bringing together the beloved Star Wars franchise and the timeless appeal of Legos.

The Idea

Each aspect of a company’s branding, from printed materials to promotional items and a digital presence, is like a Lego brick that contributes to the overall structure and stability of the brand.

At the heart of this campaign was showing that Thumbprint helps assemble all the pieces of a Brand Experience – print, promo, warehousing, and technology – just like Lego bricks coming together to create something beautiful and complete.

The Artwork

We headed to the place where all good ideas are born: the whiteboard.


From there we created a new version of our logo using legos. A lego logo. Nominations for this to become our permanent logo, anyone?

And from there ideated T-shirt artwork.


We decided on the below concept. (For any of you who liked concept 2 better…no you don’t.)

We mirrored our notebook design after the T-shirt artwork:


We also built out a custom mailer and notecard with Star Wars themed sayings while still keeping the lego concept in the artwork.

The Distribution

As the campaign launch approached, our distribution team worked tirelessly to bring all the elements together in our brand new distribution center. The Lego sets, t-shirts, notebooks, and custom notecard were carefully organized and prepared for the kitting process.

Each custom notecard featured a QR code that, when scanned, would grant access to the immersive AR game we developed for the campaign. (Read more below.)

Our distribution team meticulously assembled each kit, ensuring that every component was included and properly packaged. The kits were then shipped out to our clients across the United States, timed to arrive just in time for the big day – May the 4th.

The game


We started building out the game by bringing the artwork we’d created for the T-shirt and Box into the the AR world.

If you haven’t played the game there’s still a chance to make it onto the leaderboard.  Click here on mobile . (Let me know at if you get over 50 points…I can’t seem to make it any further than that.)

The Engagement

To build anticipation for the campaign, we launched a teaser phase consisting of social media posts and targeted emails and texts to our clients. The social media posts featured enigmatic graphics and bold statements hinting at an upcoming brand awakening.

The Results

Our Star Wars Day campaign was a success, showcasing our ability to create memorable, cohesive brand experiences. The AR game was well-received, with clients, employees, and friends sharing their experiences on social media and through personal communication.

The campaign demonstrated our innovative approach to branding and marketing, leveraging the power of the Force to create engaging content and an interactive brand experiences.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and build an unforgettable experience for your customers, let’s join forces and make it happen.  Contact us here. 


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