5 Ways to Celebrate Boss’s Day Remotely

Morgan Lathaen September 25, 2020
5 Ways to Celebrate Boss’s Day Remotely

Worldwide, bosses have had to navigate an unknown future and create a “new normal” for their company and employees in 2020. Between learning how to manage new remote employees, implementing new safety precautions, juggling family needs, and more, it’s been a tough time for bosses. I think we can all agree it might be time to show our leaders some love, especially for national boss’s day.

If you’re at a loss for how to say happy boss’s day show your appreciation for Bosses Day (October 16) since your company has transitioned to work-from-home, here are some things to do for boss’s day and how to celebrate and honor your fearless leaders with these national boss’s day gifts they’ll love!

Send a Digital Card from the Team
Set up a digital celebration card that lets employees easily add their names. This is a fun update on the ritual of passing a card around the office to get everyone’s signatures, but now you won’t have to worry about hiding it from the amazing boss! Encourage your employees to express themselves with a thoughtful gift, personalized message, digital stickers, emojis, and funny GIFs! Better yet, have some fun and put together a JibJab using your bosses’ photos for some laughs!

Choose A Personalized Gift
You can send your boss awesome personalized gifts for Bosses Day without breaking the bank. From hats to wireless speakers for their desk and office, check out some cool options and ideas all under $25 here! If you see something that fits the bill, let us know, and we can help personalize any of these items.

Virtual Meet-Up
Celebrate your best boss this October with a Virtual Meet Up! Whether you do it individually or as a company, schedule a “surprise” meeting with your boss to express your gratitude for all the good they have done this year. Level up with props or a fun theme.

Deliver a Gift Basket
The way to any boss’s heart is through their stomach! However, if you are working remotely, you don’t have the option of dropping some donuts off at their desk. Coordinate with your HR department and get a delicious gift kit delivered to your bosses’ home address. They’ll love a pick me up treat to get them through the day. One of our favorite gift kits is this Batch & Bodega kit because it offers free personalization opportunities!

Gift Cards
If all else fails… send a gift card! Gift cards are a simple and easy way to send your boss a token of your appreciation this year. A $5, $10, or $25 Starbucks or Amazon card goes a long way. To take it a step further, select one that is personalized to their interests. They’ll recognize the effort you made to get to know them better!

Ultimately, if your boss has genuinely been a great asset to you, your work, and your career, take the time to let them know you appreciate them this October. Most importantly, have fun with it!


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