5 Creative Ways to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness this Year

Morgan Lathaen September 14, 2020
5 Creative Ways to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness this Year

October 1st marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when teammates, families, and friends band together in walks and other social fundraisers to bring awareness to the disease claiming the lives of more than 40,000 women every year.

Naturally, this year is different. With most large-scale events canceled out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19, it doesn’t mean our fight against breast cancers should be diminished in any way. We still have the opportunity to build awareness and highlight the importance of early detection and treatment in more creative ways.

With that said, here are 5 ways your team can show solidarity in the fight against breast cancer while remaining socially distanced:

1. Promote awareness with a pink facemask during the month of October.
Face masks are the one accessory that everyone is wearing right now. We can bring awareness to one disease while helping to stop the spread of another. Branded fabric masks are affordable, customizable, and easy to distribute to remote team members. Publicize your company’s commitment by asking everyone on the team to take a picture with their pink mask on. Then create a composite image. There are literally thousands of fabric masks options to choose from. We like this one here.

2. Distribute pink yard signs to the team.
With some teams working partially or entirely from home, one way to ensure everyone can promote awareness the same way is through branded pink yard signs. Yard posters attract attention and help spread the message across a wide geography. Include a QR code in your design that takes neighbors to a splash page outlining your company’s commitment to the cause. Corrugated plastic posters are affordable and easy to set up.

3. Host a virtual “old school” bake sale.
Love to bake? Bake for a cure! Setting up a “shop” may be difficult this year, but you can still help prevent Breast Cancer  by getting creative and hosting a virtual fundraiser for your company! Baked goods can be distributed to doorsteps or affordably shipped in a priority mailbox.

Not so handy with a spatula? You can purchase branded packaged sweets and treats and sell them at a markup.

4. Gift a pink kit, with breast cancer prevention tips.
Deck your team out with everything they would need to promote Breast Cancer Treatment this October. Everyone loves a kit, so bundle a collection of smaller items into a pink zippered bag. Add an information card with breast cancer facts, figures, and screening tips.

Fill your kit with items that will see a lot of use or that serve a common purpose. This will create a pink canvas effect. Great items include hats, facemasks, sunglasses, t-shirts, neck gaiters, and more. You can find some cool ideas here. PS: Remember that real men wear pink, so don’t be shy about sending a pink kit to the gentlemen in your organization, too.

5. Host a virtual walk, to raise money.
Organize a month-long virtual walk/run campaign to help your friends, colleagues, and customers stay active this October! You can create your own event or join a Making Strides virtual event. Participants can track their progress using one of several available apps. When a participant reaches their goal distance or certain milestones, have them email you a screenshot of their accomplishment and then send them some swag to mark their accomplishment.

Thumbprint is fully committed to the battle against breast cancer. To provide financial support to research efforts this year, we have created a special catalog of pink items. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these will go to benefit local breast cancer foundations. See our catalog here.


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