Thumbprint launches exclusive new sneaker: introducing “Footprint.”

Orlando, FL April 1, 2021
Thumbprint launches exclusive new sneaker: introducing “Footprint.”


Thumbprint announced today it is launching a new athletic shoe, dubbed the “Footprint.”

Made primarily from vegan leather and recycled PET, this colorful new sneaker was designed for OG hustlers. The Footprint also features 24ct gold-plated lace hooks and plush insoles made from sustainably harvested aardvark fur. Not to be outdone by Little Nas X, the midsole of each shoe contains a single drop of hand sanitizer to commemorate Thumbprint’s partnership with European dispenser manufacturer, Astreea.

Thumbprint CXO, Brian Gill explained his inspiration for the sneaker design came from the roadside assistance vehicle that towed his broken-down electric Jaguar mini-SUV from the I-4 emergency lane. “All the flashing lights and multicolor decals on the tow truck really spoke to me,” said Brian.

Not one to shy away from opportunity, Thumbprint CEO, Greg Gill green-lighted the development of the sneaker. “I think our clients were ready for us to drop some fresh new kicks. Everything out in the marketplace right now is so ratchet.”

COO, Tod Ellington, added, “I knew the market was out there, and I was certain that if we could get the design to look exactly like something Apple would create, it would be a huge success.”

Thumbprint has already secured its first sponsorship agreement with the 2000s hometown boy band group “Nu Ground.” The company is excited to announce all five members of the group will be rocking Footprint sneakers during this year’s reunion tour performances.

Only 1,994 pairs of first edition Footprint sneakers will be produced, honoring Thumbprint’s founding year. The first 100 pairs will come with a coordinating burner phone and a one-year data plan. Footprint will retail at a price of $2,000, an homage to Thumbprint’s street address. Shoes will be available for purchase via a popup store at

Given the immense build-up and hype, plans are already underway to extend the Footprint design to other athletic footwear, including ice skates, wrestling shoes, and track cleats.

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