Game On: Leveling Up Client Gifting and Team Spirit Through Mario Day

Anna Klawitter March 24, 2023
Game On: Leveling Up Client Gifting and Team Spirit Through Mario Day

In the ever-evolving world of business, it’s important to take a moment, tap into our playful side, and leverage the magic of fun. At Thumbprint, we know that all too well. So, we set out to create a memorable Mario Day celebration to honor the timeless game and showcase our team’s creativity, strengthen relationships with our clients, and, most importantly, build team spirit. Here’s how we pulled it off.

Step 1: Spark Curiosity 

Our journey began with a Cognito form titled “Project Mushroom.” We collected vital client and employee information, like sock size and shirt size, all while promising something “SUPER cool” was coming. The mystery and anticipation set the stage for what was to come.

Step 2: Design the Ultimate Mario Gifts

With the essentials in hand, we got to work designing our custom Mario character. Sporting a gold chain with the Thumbprint logo, Mario was ready for action. First, we crafted a T-shirt featuring a green pipe pocket and Mario leaping out the top. But we didn’t stop there! Custom Mario pens, a playful shipping box with sayings like “Open to Play,” and Mario-themed socks completed our swag package. Talk about leveling up our gifting game!

Step 3: Personalize the Experience with Custom Cards

But the real magic came in the form of personalized client cards. These cards thanked clients for being with us from Ghost Valley to Rainbow Road and included QR codes that linked to an animated Mario video (more on this below). For some specific clients, we had our animation partner draw out their characters and place them right in the video, giving them a starring role. We also made employee-specific cards to include in their gifts.

Step 4: Bring on the Animated Team Adventure

The crown jewel of our campaign was a 2-minute video featuring every team member as an animated character racing through various Mario courses. We infused the entire video with inside jokes and defining things about our team and the personality that makes Thumbprint, well, Thumbprint.

The videos were pushed out through multiple channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and an email campaign. We even texted the client-specific videos directly to clients, along with their character pngs, for them to show off as much as they liked. The videos generated an unprecedented level of engagement and excitement.

Step 5: Celebrate Together at Andretti’s

A proper Mario Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without a team event. So, on March 10th, we headed to Andretti’s to race on the track, share a meal, and sport our Mario gear. The day was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the strengthening of team bonds.

The Results: Power-Ups and High Scores

Our Mario Day campaign exceeded all expectations. Clients raved about the personalized touch, posted their swag on social media, and sent messages of appreciation. Engagement on Mario-related posts soared, proving that playfulness and creativity can leave a lasting impact on employees and clients.

While our Mario Day adventure may have come to an end, the lessons we learned about the power of play, creativity, and team spirit will continue to shape our culture.


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