Meet Jeff Mowery

Morgan Lathaen April 29, 2020
Meet Jeff Mowery

Jeff Mowery is a logistics powerhouse with energy and enthusiasm that few can match! Loyal, hardworking, dedicated and optimistic are just a few of the words our team uses to describe him. Learn more about the master of organization and shipping that is Jeff.

Where did you grow up?

I was born In Brooklyn, NY but I grew up in Deltona, FL. It had a lot of woods and parks, which was a kid’s dream growing up. I was very fortunate to have a large group of kids that lived in my neighborhood, so we pretty much rolled as a pack wherever we went. You would usually find us at the parks playing some sort of sport or just roaming the neighborhoods playing big games of hide and seek. New Smyrna and Daytona Beach were also only about a 40-45 minute drive away, so any chance we got we would be heading out there!

How long have you been with Thumbprint?

I have been with Thumbprint for about 5 years now.

What is your role at Thumbprint?

I am part of the Logistics team. My daily tasks can vary from day to day depending on whether there is a large project or task that needs to be completed. However, normally my day consists of pulling the orders that have been processed, verifying the orders, then packaging and shipping them out to each client.

What is it you like most about working on the logistics team?

I like how team driven the department is. Communication is key. We are always making new game plans and adjustments to keep up with orders which really keeps you on your toes and forces you to stay sharp. It’s also pretty satisfying coming together as a team to complete a large-scale project to the Thumbprint standard.

Working on the Logistics Team, packing and shipping orders during this pandemic, how are you ensuring everything we send out to our clients is safe? What precautions are you taking?

Currently, we are on a sanitizing/wipe down schedule of about 3 times a day – morning, afternoon and end of day cleaning. We are also wearing latex gloves throughout the day when handling packages and packing orders. Everyone is keeping their distance as much as possible and doing our best to keep clean all areas clean.

What is your favorite thing about working at Thumbprint?

Coming from big corporate chain employers, it’s a great feeling to be valued as a member of the team as opposed to just feeling like a number clocking in and out. Hard work gets recognized at Thumbprint not only by management and leadership but also by fellow employees. The level of camaraderie and support here is unbelievable. That to me is extremely motivating and a nice reward.

What do you like about working in the brand logistics industry?

My favorite thing about working in this industry is being able to see and hear the direct results of fulfilling a client’s order. The logistics industry is always changing and evolving. So, to be a part of a company within this field that isn’t afraid to evolve with the changes and stay on the forefront is very impressive to me and another reason why I like working here.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

My hobbies and interests aren’t too crazy. I enjoy watching movies, playing some video games and hanging out with great friends. I am also working on some exterior projects for my home.

Favorite Film?

This has to be one of the toughest questions! A movie that I know I will always enjoy, smile and laugh through every single time would have to be The Big Lebowski.

Favorite Book?

My favorite book would have to be The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. I am a huge NBA fan and a huge Bill Simmons fan. That is why this book is the perfect combo for me. For any other die-hard NBA fan this book is pretty much a guide as far as history, statistics, stories, “what ifs” and anything else NBA related. The book came out in 2009 and to this day is still the “go-to” book when it comes to anything NBA related. I still reference it when getting in heated NBA debates!

Latest binge TV or movie series?

The Tiger King documentary on Netflix!!! It’s a pretty unbelievable film, but it is fascinating.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled too?

I always enjoy a trip to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah has become my wife and I’s favorite vacation spot. River Street is one of our favorite locations. It is so beautiful and relaxing and has a very historic downtown area. There are also plenty of great places to eat! When we go on vacation, we don’t like to do too much planning. We prefer to go with the flow and Savannah is the perfect place for that.

Who is your favorite superhero & why?

I have always been a fan of Spider-Man. I enjoy his storyline and like how relatable of a character he is. He is just a normal kid. I have also been a big fan of all the villains he has had to battle.

Fun Fact about yourself?

I got a scholarship to play soccer in college.


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