Meet Sapphire Scott

Morgan Lathaen February 4, 2020
Meet Sapphire Scott

Sapphire Scott brings passion and personality to the Thumbprint office with her quick wit and lively attitude. As a member of our Engagement team, you’ll come to know Sapphire as the friendly voice on the end of your calls and emails. Learn more about the singer/songwriter from Orlando!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Orlando, Florida in a subdivision called Meadow Woods aka ghetto woods! It was a great place to grow up. It was the kind of neighborhood where you’re at your friend’s house all day every day! I spent 95% of the time at my friend’s house and my mom never questioned where I was. I don’t know if that’s a good thing!

What is your role at Thumbprint?

I am a Client Engagement Manager at Thumbprint. I help to ease the workflow of project management and execution, while providing kick-ass customer service! In a typical day, first and foremost, I have a brief pow-wow with the team – sometimes work related, other times a way to establish connections through shared goals – to jump start the day. The day consists of constant interaction, whether with a vendor on an order, a client on a potential project or my fellow team members on workflow.

How long have you been with Thumbprint?

I have been with Thumbprint a little over 2 years, but it’s felt like 10, in a good way!

What is your favorite thing about working at Thumbprint?

The connections that I am establishing both directly and indirectly in the workplace. I have established good connections with our clients to the point they know personal things about me, and I know personal things about them. I genuinely enjoy talking to our clients because of this! As an added bonus these connections have allowed me to provide resolutions to their bottlenecks while still recognizing that they are human beings, not just a project.

What do you like about working in the brand logistics industry?

Brand logistics has proved to be one of the most complex topics I’ve discussed. The numerous puzzle pieces that are constantly moving, constantly changing in a moment’s notice can make anyone’s head spin. Perhaps that’s where my fascination of it lies. My love of logic problems and puzzles is integrated in every task, every client interaction and every challenge that requires a solution. Though puzzling (pun intended) at times, brand logistics is engaging and exercise for the mind. Each strategic move is fundamental and plays just as importantly into the next. We have the opportunity to be vessels of innovation, change, creation, disruption and movement. Brand logistics encompasses all of the facets that accelerate and influence a company’s success. Who wouldn’t love being a part of that!

What hobbies/interests do you have?

I love to sing and write songs. I can do a mean logic problem and enjoy challenging puzzles like escape games, those are my jam! I also enjoy playing board games with my family and trying out new recipes!

Favorite meal?

That is one tough question. I actually love a dish called goulash. It’s a polish-based dish, but the way my dad makes it is basically just a lot of ketchup. I know it initially sounds gross but it is really satisfying.

Favorite Film?

I still love the Shawshank Redemption, as many times as I’ve watched it. I don’t find any flaws in the film from the cinematography to the casting! A very close second now would be Inception because it’s mind boggling.

Favorite Book?

There is a book called Get Your Shit Together, that’s involved around self-help. It’s perfectly imperfect with practical advice. Its cheesy but I appreciate how straight forward the book is about getting your life together.

Latest binge TV or movie series?

I just finished The Servant, on Apple TV. It’s hard to explain what that show is about but you get to the end of each episode thinking what is going on, so you have to watch the next episode instantly. You can’t let it end without knowing.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled too?

I traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado in 2018 for my wedding and it truly was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It was like a piece of heaven on a mountain top. I remember standing at the bottom of a mountain thinking “I have not seen anything” because there is something this huge that I would never have known about unless I came to Colorado. That’s when I realized how small I really am in this giant world.

Fun Fact about yourself?

I am a really good rapper. I worked really hard on this song called Look at Me Now by Chris Brown. I use to practice all the time and now every time there is a party or get together my sister makes me rap the song.


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