April is National Volunteer Month, and we’re here to help

Morgan Lathaen March 2, 2021
April is National Volunteer Month, and we’re here to help

With the current challenges we are all facing, it would be easy to overlook National Volunteer Month. Our country has a strong tradition of volunteerism, and every April many companies organize activities and outings that allow their team members to do good in their communities. At a time when helping others has never been more important, we don’t want safety concerns and WFH logistics to deter your companywide efforts next month (or any month for that matter). 

Here’s how Thumbprint can help you overcome these hurdles: 

Are your employees volunteering on their own this year?
That’s great! We can create branded volunteer kits, including items such as t-shirts, hats, sunscreen, and fanny packs, and deliver them directly to your employee’s homes. All we need is your logo and an address database. We can handle the rest!

How do you keep employees safe while volunteering?
Let’s add PPE items such as branded face masks, 2oz hand sanitizers, gloves, and antimicrobial no-touch tools to your company volunteer kit. These won’t add a ton of expense but will go a long way in helping your employees feel safe while they volunteer. 

Want to let your team members create their own kits?
We’re happy to create a branded online Volunteer Store that empowers your employees to create their own kits. They select from predefined options, we collect their address during the “checkout” process, and the kits are then sent right to their front doors. 

Need to offer different kits for different volunteer opportunities?
One kit doesn’t fit all. Items needed for a Habitat for Humanity build might differ from a kit needed to volunteer at a hospital. We can bundle appropriate items for different volunteering opportunities. Each of these can be added to your Volunteer Store and made available to employees based on the organization/volunteer activity they select from a dropdown box.

Ready to build a volunteer kit?
We have endless apparel, SWAG, and PPE options that can be kitted into a branded bag or box. Check out our Build A Volunteer Kit catalog featuring some of our favorite product picks. Feel free to add items to your wish list and then submit it to us. We’ll be happy to follow up!

How do you celebrate the company’s volunteer efforts?
Have your team members upload an action shot (photo) from their time volunteering to the Volunteer Store. Then, you can assemble the images into a collage and share them on your company’s website, social media, and/or internal communication channel. 

Want to thank your volunteers?
After a team member uploads their action shot to your Volunteer Store, we can mail them a notecard along with a small gift or gift card to recognize their efforts. 

Compassionate, dedicated individuals like your volunteers are exactly what this world needs right now. We want to ensure the pandemic doesn’t get in the way of your efforts. Hit the chat button in the bottom corner of your screen and let us help you streamline your volunteering initiatives!


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