The Undeniable Impact of Promo with Purpose

June 29, 2022
The Undeniable Impact of Promo with Purpose

Here’s a fun fact for you:

Nearly two-thirds of today’s consumers believe it is a company’s responsibility to give back.

Wait. Before you run for the hills at the thought of adding “do something amazing for the world” to your growing list of stuff to worry about, you’ll be thrilled to know that giving back as a brand doesn’t have to be complicated or monumental. It just has to be meaningful. Introducing promo with a purpose


We are experiencing a do-good resurgence. People are more altruistic than ever and expect the same from the businesses they support. Over 80% of customers believe a business can be a force for positive social and environmental change. This is a reassuring stat because it shows that your customers believe in your potential.

Promotional giveaways with a purpose can deliver real, tangible change by supporting causes you care deeply about. Simply put, it’s when you choose and align your company with products that contribute in some way. These could be promos or gifts that champion a particular population, a trusted charity, the environment, or other worthwhile causes.


Thumbprint recently partnered with Meraki Movement to create a premium gift for our clients and bring attention to this important cause and small businesses. We chose to give handmade alpaca wool blankets crafted by a family of master weavers in Ecuador using traditional methods passed down through the generations. It’s a stunning, detailed process, and every blanket is a work of art. We added a logoed leather patch to each blanket for a personal touch. Included in the package orders was a link to the following video that explained the remarkable story behind our gift and the fair-trade ethos of ethical sourcing and providing a living wage to artisans around the world.

“Thank you for the awesome swag. Love it! Super cool and love how it gives back as well.”

The gift was a massive hit. The unboxing experience was layered with excitement and anticipation and provided an unforgettable “wow” moment for each recipient. Many of them eagerly shared their experience with content on social media—and the story behind the blanket—with their co-workers, friends, and family.

It’s an undeniable truth that others want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We want to contribute and feel like we’re making a difference. Purpose-driven promo products create a story others can be a part of. It’s a conversation starter. A public stance. A representation of ideals. A source of pride. There’s something comforting and powerful about knowing your beliefs align with the brands you care about. Shared values lead to a deeper connection, belonging, and, ultimately, loyalty.


Let’s not forget about the elephant in the room. Ah, yes, ROI. Budget. When you’re watching every dollar—and probably the nickels, too—it’s easy to question whether adding cause-related merch to your marketing plan will be important to positively affect your bottom line.

Here are some interesting stats:

72% of clients would recommend a company that supports a great cause over one that doesn’t. This is a 39% increase since 2008. People trust their friends and family. This is why word of mouth is the most valuable source of marketing.

77% of buyers would be more willing to purchase a company’s promo products or services if the company demonstrates a commitment to addressing social, economic, and environmental issues.

53% of people use a promotional product at least once a week. That’s a minimum of 52 brand impressions over the course of a year. If your branded merch is meaningful and memorable, it becomes something they hold onto for dear life. And that’s always great for business.

When considered together, these stats show that gifts that give back matter more meaningful to individuals, leave a lasting impression, and provide a giant boost to brand affinity and ROI.


Okay. So you know that promo with purpose can significantly influence customer affinity and loyalty. But how do you find the perfect item that lights people up and also gives back? Shameless plug: this is where Thumbprint can help. We have ideas that are anything but status quo. Ask us about our “Gifts that Give Back” Idea Book!


Speaking of being kind, when you shop our “Be Kind” merch, 50% of your purchase will go to Greater Good Charities.


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