Overseas Sourcing Just Got Easier with Thumbprint Direct

Anna Klawitter January 31, 2023
Overseas Sourcing Just Got Easier with Thumbprint Direct

When it comes to promotional products, sometimes the best deals are found overseas, but sourcing products from countries like China can seem daunting. It’s hard to know who to trust, which production facilities to work with, and how to ensure you’re getting what you actually paid for.

No one should have to put their credibility on the line by dealing with shifty brokers, making excuses for tardy deliveries, or settling for subpar products. Just picture that unpleasant conversation with the boss.

That’s why we created Thumbprint Direct, a first-of-its-kind, customer-centric model for overseas product sourcing.

This new division was built from the ground up, beginning with a dedicated in-house team of experts in China to make you feel confident and excited about bringing your product goals to life.

What Does Thumbprint Direct Offer?

Over the past 15 years, Thumbprint has pioneered a structured approach to sourcing products overseas. With over 200 successful projects already under our belt, we’ve helped some of the biggest brands create jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind, branded items.

At this point, we know all the potential stumbling blocks, and we’ve created an infrastructure to ensure every project is delivered on design, on time, and on budget. Here’s what makes Thumbprint Direct different:

Feet on The Street

They say the best way to manage a process is to be present. That’s why Thumbprint direct employs a China-based team of sourcing specialists. Including:

· Local designers to help you develop prototypes

· Key relationships with established factories, each specializing in unique product categories

· Direct price negotiations with principals at each overseas supplier company

· Onsite visits to monitor production progress and perform quality control

You won’t wake up at midnight in a cold sweat because our team is half a world away watching over your project. (PS: It’s mid-day there).

Our onsite team provides a streamlined and transparent process, from finding qualified overseas suppliers and vendors to negotiating prices on raw materials and handling quality control.

This unique approach ensures that you and your company receive quality products at a competitive price while avoiding the hassle and risk typically associated with sourcing promotional products from foreign suppliers.

A Lockstep Process

With Thumbprint Direct, say goodbye to undefined timelines and methods. We have a tried-and-true process in place designed to eliminate risk and provide full transparency. It’s your brainchild. You should and can be in complete control.

1. Use our Idea Book for inspiration, or tell us exactly what you want to purchase (Or ask for advice! We specialize in helping your company brand stay on point!)

2. We provide a prototype, detailed quote, and a timeline for you to approve.

3. Hit the “Go” button.

4. We send you status updates and links to milestone documents.

5. You receive delivery tracking once the product arrives.

Thorough Communication & 100% Transparency

50% of all disappointments from sourcing overseas are a direct result of poor communication and misunderstandings. The rest are related to issues that might have been mitigated with better and more frequent communication.

With Thumbprint Direct, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your onsite project managers, virtually tour facilities, and review pre-production product samples.

In addition, we keep you in the loop throughout the entire project with detailed information and status updates. You’ll even have access to government inspection reports and shipping manifests.

Logical Payment Schedule

We believe in billing our clients for materials and work as those costs are incurred. We’ve broken down the payment schedule:

  • 30% initial payment at project commission is allocated to design work, prototypes, and production setup.
  • 50% due before the product is shipped covers materials and production labor.
  • 20% due upon product arrival to the US covers shipping and transit.

Putting your reputation and money on something unique and original shouldn’t be risky. At Thumbprint Direct, we back every project with a 100% guarantee.

Let us take care of your overseas promotional product sourcing needs. We’ve got you covered with an efficient and cost-effective approach that will save time, energy, money, and possibly even your sanity.

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