Unpacking Success! The Global Journey of 500 Unique Kits for Front Row’s Brand Launch

Anna Klawitter August 8, 2023
Unpacking Success! The Global Journey of 500 Unique Kits for Front Row’s Brand Launch


When Front Row, a trendsetting global brand, knocked on our doors at Thumbprint with a thrilling challenge, we knew we were in for an adventure! The mission? Produce and ship 500 kits, each packed with 11 unique items, to all corners of the globe, in time for a dazzling brand unveiling. With bulk deliveries to the US, Canada, Germany, and Slovakia, and special drop-shipped packages to five other countries, the countdown was on!


We faced a rollercoaster of challenges:

  • Unique Sizing: Imagine fitting 11 uniquely sized puzzle pieces into each of 500 kits! Precision and creativity were key.
  • Global Distribution: The kits needed to be delivered to nine different countries, each with its own customs regulations and delivery challenges.
  • Timely Delivery: The kits had to arrive one day prior to the brand unveiling. This left no room for delays in shipping or customs clearance.
  • Bulk and Drop Shipping: The distribution strategy involved both bulk shipping to four countries and drop shipping to individual residences in five countries. This required a complex logistics plan to ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Strategies Implemented

  • To overcome these challenges, we implemented the following strategies:
    • Inventory Management: Advanced inventory management systems were used to ensure that each kit was correctly assembled with the 11 unique items. Quality control checks were also implemented to prevent any errors in packaging.
    • Customs Compliance: We worked closely with customs brokers in each country to ensure that all shipments complied with local regulations. This helped to prevent any delays in customs clearance.
    • Reliable Shipping Partners: Partnerships were formed with reliable shipping companies with proven track records in each of the nine countries. This helped to ensure that the kits were delivered on time.
    • Real-time Tracking: Real-time tracking systems were used to monitor the progress of each shipment. This allowed for quick identification and resolution of any potential issues.


Despite the complexity of the task, all 500 kits were successfully delivered on time. The bulk shipments arrived in the US, Canada, Germany, and Slovakia one day prior to the brand unveiling. The drop shipments were also successfully delivered to individual residences in the five other countries on the same day.

The best part? A successful brand unveiling, and we’re honored these kits got to play a key role. Our blend of meticulous planning, artful execution, and dynamic logistics made sure every kit was a showstopper.


Despite the challenges of unique sizing, global distribution, timely delivery, and a combination of bulk and drop shipping, all 500 kits were successfully delivered on time. Our success is a standing ovation to our innovative systems, strong partnerships, and the real-time tracking that kept us in tune with every step of the journey. Encore, anyone?



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