The Vibe Campaign Wins Platinum at the Hermes Creative Awards!

Anna Klawitter June 22, 2023
The Vibe Campaign Wins Platinum at the Hermes Creative Awards!

In the realm of innovation, automation and brand experiences, our team has always strived to make a lasting impact. Today, we are overjoyed to announce that our extraordinary efforts have been recognized on an international level.

The Vibe Campaign embodied all 3 of these and won the Platinum HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS for Strategic Campaigns | Marketing! 🌟

This international competition recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals across various industries, and we are incredibly proud to have our campaign stand out among thousands of entries from around the world.

The Vibe Campaign went beyond being a mere marketing initiative; it sparked a movement. Through the Be Bold, Be Kind, Be Engaged, and Be Clutch Vibes, we aimed to empower and inspire individuals in different business roles to embrace their unique strengths and make a positive impact.

A Celebration of Creative Excellence:

The Hermes Creative Awards, an esteemed international competition, attracts thousands of entries from talented professionals across the globe. This year was no exception, with over 6,500 submissions pouring in from the United States, Canada, and 27 other countries. To be recognized among such an impressive pool of talent is a testament to our team’s dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Honoring Philanthropy and Creativity

The Hermes Creative Awards not only celebrate exceptional creative work but also emphasize the philanthropic nature of the marketing and communication industry. As an organization that believes in giving back, we have dedicated our time and expertise to support public service and charitable organizations. We are incredibly proud to be part of a community that recognizes and encourages the generous efforts of professionals in our field.

Administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), the Hermes Creative Awards stand as a symbol of excellence in our industry. AMCP, comprising thousands of experts across various domains, oversees the awards and recognition programs, providing a robust platform for acknowledging outstanding achievements and contributions.

The Vibe Campaign

Our award-winning Vibe Campaign was a labor of love, creativity, and unbridled enthusiasm. Designed to captivate audiences and ignite a sense of excitement, the campaign pushed the boundaries of traditional and emerging media. From concept to execution, every aspect was meticulously crafted to leave an unforgettable impression.

Our victory in the Hermes Creative Awards was not achieved overnight. It required relentless dedication, countless hours of brainstorming, and a unified team effort.

The Vibe campaign was an innovative endeavor aimed at empowering and celebrating individuals across different business roles while simultaneously driving charitable contributions. It beautifully encapsulated the ethos that every role and every individual makes a difference while giving back to various charities.

The Four Vibes

At the heart of the campaign were four central business roles, each encapsulating a unique ‘Vibe’. These Vibes were a testament to the personalities and strengths that individuals bring to their specific roles.

1. Be Bold: This vibe was dedicated to the dreamers who lead the charge and break down the barriers. They are the visionaries, the trend-setters, the future.
2. Be Kind: This is for all the tender hearts who make the world a better place. We need you.
3. Be Engaged: To the passionate ones who show up every day and bring their A-game. You make a difference.
4. Be Clutch: Mad respect to the movers and shakers who make it all come together. We see you.

Merchandise and Digital Presence

The Vibes weren’t just concepts; we transformed them into a tangible form. We created an array of merchandise and apparel to represent each Vibe, including custom shirts, hoodies, notebooks, drinkware, backpacks, and blankets. All these were displayed in a dedicated Shopify store. The landing page didn’t just showcase the products, but also told the inspiring stories behind each Vibe.

Client and Employee Engagement

Part of the Vibe campaign’s success was the strategy of sending out free Vibe boxes as client gifts. These boxes served a dual purpose: to show appreciation and to showcase Thumbprint’s capabilities, igniting ideas for their programs. Additionally, employees were encouraged to choose their own Vibe and select corresponding apparel and items. This initiative was also extended to new hires, contributing to a sense of belonging and company culture.


The Vibe campaign results were astounding. The feedback from clients was overwhelmingly positive, resonating with the personalized touch and the spirit of each Vibe. The campaign also sparked a digital revolution for us.

We saw a staggering 1,297% increase in impressions on our social platforms. Total engagement on our posts across LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook skyrocketed by 719%. Moreover, the campaign reinforced our belief that what we do every day matters. By dedicating 50% of the proceeds to charity, we not only celebrated our clients and team but also made a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

In conclusion, the Vibe campaign was a triumph of initiative, creativity, and impact, transforming our approach to client and employee engagement while contributing to a meaningful cause.

To learn more about the Hermes Creative Awards and explore the incredible work of fellow creative professionals, visit here.



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