Virtual Happy Hour Playbook

Morgan Lathaen August 7, 2020
Virtual Happy Hour Playbook

Take it from us–hosting a virtual happy hour can be a great bonding experience for you and your employees, especially when the team may be feeling a bit disconnected. Let’s face it, doing this virtually is not the same as a trip to your favorite after-work hangout. You can still make it fun and memorable, however, with just a little bit of prep work. Here are our top 3 tips for a successful Zoom Happy Hour:

#1 Have a Theme

Have your team vote on a happy hour theme. The theme can be broad, like “vacation vibes” or a certain color palette, or it could be more specific, like a particular decade. My favorite themes happen to be TV shows (think Tiger King and try not to shudder), where we ask everyone to come at least loosely-fashioned as one of the characters. It can be fun to see how far your team members will go and it gives your employees an opportunity to exercise their creativity. Whatever it is, let your team know that theming is optional. Not everyone is comfortable going all out, so try to keep the pressure low.

#2 Send Some Pre-Party Swag

Sending a small themed gift to your team the week before your happy hour can be a great way to get them excited and create more engagement. One of my favorite happy hour gifts is the Wanderlust Gift Set. This affordable kit contains all the essentials to craft two top-shelf adult beverages – just add the (optional) spirits! Choose from Moscow Mule or Old Fashion Cocktail. If your squad tends to get rowdy and you want to contain the noise, you can always gift themed Wireless Earbuds.

#3 Play A Game

A virtual happy hour offers a great opportunity for your team members to learn more about each other. That’s why we suggest games and filters. Have everyone choose a fun background or filter that’s meaningful to them. Or you can have everyone join in a game. Use a video chat platform or game app that features games like Cards Against Humanity or trivia. You can also keep it lowkey and play Two Truths and a Lie. Time to see how much you really know about your coworkers!

These fun tips can help make your virtual happy hour a success, but remember to put your own spin on them to best fit your team. If your happy hour isn’t a hit, try something different the next time. Regardless, the most important thing you can do is make your virtual meet-up a welcoming and fun space. Your coworkers are looking for an opportunity to connect with each other during this challenging time.


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