5 Ways to Welcome Back Your Employees

Morgan Lathaen July 21, 2020
5 Ways to Welcome Back Your Employees

As businesses resume full operation and employees are invited back into the office, it’s natural for everyone to feel a little apprehensive about the “new normal.” Here are 5 ways to welcome your employees and ensure their first days back are a positive experience.

Welcome Back Email

Send out a welcome back email a few days before your team is expected to come into the office so that they feel prepared and confident to step foot into the office again. Take the opportunity to remind your employees of your company policies that are relevant, and update them on the new measures that have been put in place to ensure their safety and health (temperature screening, social distancing rules, etc). Now more than ever, it’s essential to communicate everything you are doing to keep your team happy and healthy.

Personal PPE Kits

If you’re asking your employees to leave home and travel to work you’ll want to make sure they feel safe when they arrive back at the office. Provide each member of your team with a personal protection equipment (PPE) kit. Include items such as masks, gloves, wipes, and hand sanitizer. Those items should be prepackaged in a safe environment. You’ll also want to ensure team members have access to additional masks, sanitizers, and gloves throughout their workspace. We’re fortunate to have access to a wide range of PPE items via our trusted supplier partners. See some available options here.

Install Sanitizer Stations

Help protect your employees by encouraging them to use easily accessed, no-touch sanitizer stations throughout your office building. Our personal favorite is the Astreea® Pedal Dispenser. This durable, fully mechanical, and weatherproof dispenser is a great solution for any space. Place sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas to help reduce cross-contamination from some of the most touched surfaces in any building: handrails and door handles. The FDA requires that hand sanitizer must be at least 70% alcohol in order to receive their approval.

Gift Some Swag

Show your team how excited you are to have them back in the office with some curated gifts! Whether it’s T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, or notebooks you can highlight your “return to work” event with a campaign featuring a special tagline or graphics. The sky is really the limit, but you should remain sensitive to the experiences some of your employees may have recently had. We recently put together an awesome kit for a client that included an A6 Memo Bottle and an NFC Powerbank wrapped inside a custom Retro Lunchbox.

IRL Lunch or Happy Hour

You’ve seen their faces through the screen and maybe you’ve had a virtual happy hour or two, but that’s no substitute for the real deal. Be sure to follow your state’s rules and guidelines regarding social distancing, but perhaps treat your staff to an in-office lunch or happy hour. Many restaurants are offering contact-less delivery. Take the opportunity to rebuild social bonds by laughing, cheering, and swapping stories about all of the Zoom mishaps in real life!



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