We’ve Moved! Introducing Our New Warehouse Facility & Office Space

Anna Klawitter January 17, 2024
We’ve Moved! Introducing Our New Warehouse Facility & Office Space

Before we get into the details, we’ll get you the important info first so you know just where to find us.

Warehouse address

1220 Starpoint Drive
Suite 100
Apopka, FL 32703

New Office Address

2478 E Michigan St
Orlando, FL 32806


New Warehouse: Built From The Ground Up

For Streamlined Operations

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new state-of-the-art warehouse, strategically designed and equipped to fully handle your company’s inventory storage, order fulfillment, kitting, and shipping needs. Our efficient facility offers the organization and automation you’ve always wanted.

We have been dreaming about and planning this incredible new facility for over a year. It is with great excitement that we are finally opening our doors. Every detail, down to the technology, layout, and workflows, has been thought through and planned out.

Our facility was built specifically for streamlining order fulfillment and office inventory management operations. Everything from the layout to the technology has been optimized based on best practices for organization, efficiency, and visibility. Here are just a few special features:

  • 5 Loading Docks setup for quick receiving and order shipping
  • An Intelligent Racking System custom-configured to store inventory – featuring wide aisles and easy SKU location
  • High-Tech Camera Systems providing complete visibility into inventory counts and order progress
  • Automated Bin Systems enabling rush orders to be rapidly picked and packed

What good is a high-tech facility without the right team behind it? Our staff has over 20 years combined experience in inventory planning, storage, picking and shipping. We’re excited to transform your operations and streamline your inventory management in this exciting new facility.

Brand New Office Space Built With Our Team In Mind


Pardon the dust, new photos to come.

We recently moved our headquarters to an incredible new office space that accelerates our collaborative culture while providing room for continued growth. After outgrowing our last home, we now occupy a newly constructed office off of East Michigan in Orlando, Florida.

Our vibrant, open layout allows teams to brainstorm and share ideas with each other. This new environment sparks connectivity across all departments under one roof. As we continue expanding our workforce, the flexible footprint allows for that ongoing growth trajectory. We can’t wait to have clients visit and workshop within our walls!

Get in touch if you’d like a tour of the new Thumbprint home – we’d love to show you around!


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